Developers at Purism have released a new version of the Phosh user interface for Linux phones, bringing bug fixes, usability improvements, and several other changes to this phone shell used by multiple smartphone Linux distributions including some versions of postmarketOS (which recently celebrated its fourth birthday, by the way).

Meanwhile, the folks at Jingling have released a new build of JingOS, their Linux distribution for tablets (and eventually smartphones). The developer of the most promising Linux kernel patches for the PinePhone has begun digging into the schematics and software for the upcoming PinePhone keyboard, and it looks like it’ll be a pretty hackable device.

Here’s a roundup of recent mobile Linux news.

JingPad A1 tablet running JingOS
  • JingOS v0.9 for x86 [JingOS release notes]
    JingOS v0.9 is available, and the latest build of the Linux distro for tablets adds support for changing the screen resolution, complex passwords, compressing/uncompressing in the Files app, and more. This build is for tablets with x86 chips only, but the company’s upcoming JingPad A1 tablet has an ARM-based chip and there are plans to port JingOS to run on phones in the future. The company released a first hands-on video showing the A1 hardware and software last week. 

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